The lovely couple who asked me to come out were at their wit’s end, worried about the noises their boiler was making. They’d asked another engineer they knew to come out but when he said he couldn’t until later that week, they asked around and one of their friends recommended us.


I could tell from their voices that they were stressed about their boiler so I agreed to come out that day, even though it was a Saturday, and quickly identified the problem. When your boiler’s making a ‘kettling’ noise it’s often because of a poor water quality issue, which means the water is being heated by the boiler, but it’s not flowing away quickly enough, so what it needed was a power flush.


It’s good that they didn’t wait to get someone in because with the water in the system getting hotter and the pressure becoming greater it could well have damaged their boiler, so I stayed for two hours while the power flush chemicals worked their magic, keeping the boiler temperature down for them to avoid further issues.


This was a short-term solution to a larger problem, so we popped back on the Wednesday for a full Magna cleanse throughout the property’s 16 radiators ensuring that their entire system would run far more efficiently. While there we noticed they had no way to control each room’s temperature. We went back a few days later to fit thermostatic radiator valves throughout the property so they could have each room at the temperature they really wanted it to be.

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