When your boiler starts making banging noises, you know there’s something that needs attention. This turned out to be an old and damaged system – the boiler was leaking, the pump and timer were in need of replacement, and the cylinder was a quarter full of scale, which explains why the customer was complaining about not getting enough hot water. If left, this would have only got worse over time.


At 13-years old and with so many issues, it would have been uneconomical to repair so we replaced the boiler and the cylinder, reconfigured the feed and vent pipework and fitted a Magna clean system filter to protect it from future issues with sludging and debris.


We advised the customer that their radiators could also do with replacing as they were also quite old, but their budget could not stretch to this. Only two days later, a radiator valve head broke so we returned to change all their valves for thermostatic ones.


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