It’s always nice to work with new customers, but the old ones are wonderful as well. So, when we got the call to Welwyn we remembered that we had helped them earlier in the year when their boiler fan and flue needed attention.

This time around though, they wanted to do away with their old boiler completely and replace it with a shiny new, far more efficient, combination boiler.

We removed the tanks from the loft and the old boiler and cylinder from an airing cupboard. We tidied up the pipework in that cupboard and built a false wall to hide them behind, then installed a brand-new combination boiler. Because of all the space this saved, they now also had a very useful airing cupboard.

As a final flourish, the customer asked us to install a Nest smart thermostat for them, and the end result of all this work was that this customer now has hot water whenever they want it and complete control over their heating, something they simply did not have before


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