Simple controls that just simply work.

Reduce your energy bills, set heating zones for greater efficiency, and control your heating and hot water from your smartphone for your convenience.


Smart controls are an array of technologies that help you to manage your heating and hot water systems more efficiently, more conveniently and more compliantly.


Increase the efficiency, accuracy and control of your heating system and energy budget by installing a smart meter with an in-house display to show how much energy you use and what it’s costing you.


Smartphone solutions connect your heating to your mobile devices, enabling you to set temperatures, times, and even heating zones, remotely.


To comply with recent efficiency regulation changes, all new combi boilers must now include either a weather compensation, load compensation, or flue gas heat recovery (FGHR) device, see What We Do below for more on these.


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What We do

Smartphone Connected

We love ‘Nest’ because their smart systems are so reliable and easy to use, but of course we can help you to set up any mobile connected system so you can control your heating and hot water wherever you may be.

Load Compensation

Included within many boiler controls these days, load compensation adjusts the temperature of the water going to radiators based on the heat of the rooms those radiators are in. Far more efficient than a simple on/off switch.

FGHR Device

A Flue Gas Heat Recovery device (FGHR) is a useful energy efficiency device which recycles the heat from flue gases and uses it to heat your hot water, rather than ejecting it into the atmosphere.

Weather Compensation

Connecting your boiler to a sensor so it knows the temperature outside will make your boiler smarter, so it will be able to automatically adapt its output to meet the real-world needs of your family.

Save Money
Save Efficiency
More Control

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