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Replacing a boiler can cost thousands, not to mention all the inconvenience of being without heating and hot water.
So, call in the experts to help you to stay warmer for longer.



If your boiler stops working and you have tenants, they may demand a rebate – if you have a family they’ll not want to be left in the cold, and if it’s just you, well, is there ever a convenient time to have to wait in for an emergency engineer?


Our 20-point boiler health check identifies current dangers, warning signs, efficiency issues and opportunities to lower your energy bills. Water quality is one of the most common causes of problems in central heating systems – sticking, leaking or temperamental thermostatic radiator valves, noisy pumps or a boiler simply refusing to stay lit. Ask our engineer about preventative measures and solutions to sludge problems today.


Have peace of mind if all seems well, or deal with all immediate issues before they get worse, and spread the cost of work that will prolong the life and performance of your entire heating system.


Call in one of our professional, friendly boiler and heating specialists for a FREE boiler health check today on 01707 247 181.

What We do

Leaks & Breakages

A drop in pressure, or a lack of hot water or heating could indicate either a leak in the system somewhere or a part that needs replacing. We’ll identify the problem, offer solutions and fix the problems.

Efficiency & Blockages

Banging, whistling, a cold house or lack of hot water could mean a blockage somewhere that needs to be cleared or fixed. You could be shivering and wasting money at the same time. All revealed with our free check.

Electrical Faults

Whether on the boiler or in the controls, an electrical fault can seriously compromise your heating system. Our experts will test and investigate until they’ve found the root cause of any issue your heating system may have.

Convenience & Cost Savings

Thermostatic radiator valves, smart thermostats, magnetic system filters and more ways to keep your boiler and heating system going stronger for longer and to help you keep your energy bills down.

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Combination boiler conversion

The customer’s existing system consisted of an open vented heat only boiler, hot water cylinder, with external central heating pump, 3 port motorised valve and external timer.

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